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Upcoming courses on the SME Trade Academy in October 2023.

Greenery on the ground

New course in English: ICT Sustainability

This course covers three topics: Energy efficiency and sustainable data storage; Electronic waste management; and ICT sustainability certification. It will teach you to make your ICT related operations greener, more cost-efficient, and better for the environment.

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Start date: 22, July 2024

Duration: 4 hours over 2 weeks

Communicating standing people on bridge

Aider les PME dans la création d'activité commerciale internationale

Ce cours présente aux IACs les techniques utilisées dans la création d'activité commerciale internationale, tant en environnement virtuel qu'en face à face. Ces deux environnements sont décrits en abordant leurs caractéristiques, avantages et inconvénients, ainsi que difficultés.

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Date de début: 30, September 2024

Durée: 4 heures sur 2 semaines

Tablet with stats on screen

Financing Trade in Services

Focusing on situations of developing and least-developed countries, this course introduces the particularities of service exporters, their financial needs at various stages of growth, as well as the various obstacles which they face in accessing adequate financing.

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Start date: 7, October 2024

Duration: 4 hours over 2 weeks

Chinese wall with flag

Doing Business With Chinese People

This course introduces participants to the main aspects of Chinese culture, with a particular focus on business culture and business etiquette.

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Start date: 7, October 2024

Duration: 4 hours over 2 weeks

Imac on the table with glasses and copybook

Introduction to Standards and Sustainability

This course introduces participants to the concepts of standards and sustainability, focusing on voluntary sustainability standards (VSS) and the various ways in which enterprises can approach them.

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Start date: 14, October 2024

Duration: 4 hours over 2 weeks

Phone in hand in front of laptop

Creación de un Servicio de Información Comercial

Este curso presenta los principios y buenas prácticas de diseño y gestión de servicios de información comercial. Conceptualiza también los servicios de información orientados al sector empresarial a manera de optimizar la toma de decisiones en la actividad exportadora.

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Fecha de inicio: 29, July 2024

Duración: 4 horas en 2 semanas

Terminal with lots of people

Diplomatie Commerciale et Représentation Commerciale à l'Étranger

Ce cours présente le rôle des conseillers commerciaux à l'étranger (CCE) et la façon dont les employés des IAC peuvent utiliser le réseau international qu'ils forment. Il examine les rôles complémentaires des IAC et des CCE, ainsi que les différents services offerts par les CCE.

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Date de début: 21, October 2024

Durée: 4 heures sur 2 semaines

Money tree

Competitiveness Through Enterprise Sustainability

This course introduces the reasons for which environmental, social and economic sustainability is important to a small enterprise.

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Start date: 19, August 2024

Duration: 4 hours of study over 2 weeks

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